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Pictorial cloth pictorial cloth is a more traditional cloth-like material, because of his relatively low prices, production costs and the cost of PP plus quite cold laminating film, and you can save a series of steps through the membrane, and now in many areas has been with pictorial cloth instead of traditional supplies to make paintings or background image. Catalog pictorial cloth pictorial cloth by Burkina classification can be divided into: chemical fiber, cotton, polyester pictorial cloth by nature can be divided into: solvent-based, eco-solvent, water-based products have a certain characteristic pictorial cloth waterproof, waterproof pigment ink better performance and weather resistance, because the cloth-like material have a good ink absorption properties, so the production of bright color screen performance, good saturation, with a certain artistic effect. With the continuous development of printing equipment, application of solvent-based pictorial cloth on the market will be more. Silver eagle silver eagles cloth fabric, also known as silk cloth, white canvas, as the fabric is satin coated ink-receptive coating made from high light matte two kinds. High-gloss silver eagles cloth printing surface retains silk satin gloss, print screen shiny, bright; matt silver eagles cloth using matte waterproof coatings, printing surface is matte, waterproof, do not short-film showcase. Silver eagles cloth is made using satin coating on the market in general and some silver highlights eagles cloth. Scope Use: indoor or outdoor banners; paintings; outdoor poster; X Chin; Advertising (inside play lights); background layout; stage scene; advertising presentation charts; commercial and residential interior decoration. Note Note: ① prohibits directly touch coating; ② Avoid spraying water directly on the coating. Common dimensions 0.914 m 1.27 m 0.61 m 1.52 m effect for photo edition paintings, pictorial cloth is mainly used for indoor banners, banners, curtain, X exhibition stands, roll up, business and civil interiors, exhibitions, art photo, etc. production. Features Features art fabric: waterproof matte coating, good vertical sensual, soft, stretch for suspension, no curling, no light reflection, compatibility, colorful, high-resolution images, waterproof performance. Short-term display without lamination. Art cloth Scope Scope: Art portrait studio, interior, upscale advertising printing, desktop printing, indoor and outside banners and photography studios. General Specifications General Specifications art cloth: 0.61 / 0.914 / 1.27 / 1.52m * 30 / 50mA4 / A3

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