Advertising material printing cloth

Reflective printing cloth known as Crystal lattice constant Zhejiang Yongkang ho Reflective Material Co., Ltd. introduced a new type of reflective material may inkjet,
This feature is new material:
First, the super-reflective strength: his reflection technique is based on the world's most advanced radio technology crystallite lattice full reflective reflective material, has superior reflective intensity, typically reflective intensity can reach 300cd / lx / m2.
Second, can be directly printing: its surface layer of PVC polymer materials, ink absorption, and can be directly printing.
Third, easy to use: its base types are tarpaulin and PVC adhesive type, tarpaulin grassroots has superior tensile strength, can be used like an ordinary mesh used in the same folder, direct printing, direct taut installation; PVC stickers available on any type of fabric smooth paste directly use.

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