Reflective printing material (Crystal lattice) the unique properties

A comparison with ordinary light cloth printing, advertising 24 hours visibility effect.
With unique reflective properties, in the case of the light source at night does not require built-in or external light sources of the situation, the light emitted by the reflection and passing vehicle itself can achieve a built-in or external light source the light source the same visual effect. Use ordinary inkjet fabrics advertising, advertising only during the day and have a visible effect, extremely low visibility at night, it will not be the role of advertising. The reflective printing cloth printing cloth like ordinary day, but at night the lights which can be issued by the reflection of passing vehicles, to achieve high strength, long-distance visible effect, so that the advertising of the day and night with the same advertising effectiveness. Because of these advantages, it is reflective printing cloth is a common substitute for inkjet light box cloth.
Second, with mounted light boxes and external light source, such as an auxiliary light source compared Advertising: eco-friendly, easy to maintain, lower cost.
Places due to visibility reflective printing material is issued by the lights of passing vehicles light reflected back to the source emission, and light source emits the same aspects of vehicles and pedestrians can clearly see the ad. He does not need other auxiliary light so he does not consume energy while achieving visible results, so he is more environmentally friendly than the installed lights advertising. As he did with other auxiliary lighting, electrical and other aspects of the case so do not need to maintain the existence of the material he just like ordinary inkjet general maintenance on it. So he easier to maintain than the secondary source of advertising material. Auxiliary light source facility needs and daily power consumption, and maintenance costs are far greater than the cost of using reflective printing cloth advertising. Not to mention the cost of advertising in general accounted for a large proportion of the factors that are advertising rental costs, the cost of general advertising material used also accounted for less than ten percent of the cost of advertising the lease. Because some of the ads may consider the use of energy consumption and costs, so assist lamp source generally only open till eleven, eleven o'clock after no advertising effectiveness, the use of reflective printing material can not consider these factors, as long as there is a car where you can clearly see the use of reflective printing ads.
Third, the comparison with ordinary reflective material: inkjet and having tensile strength and more reflective intensity.
Traditional advertising material is generally reflective PET gum ad-reflective film, PET characteristics of this material decides he can not be printing, general PET advertising grade reflective sheeting used only for lettering, thus greatly limiting reflective material on advertising use. Reflective printing materials appear immediately solve this problem, the surface layer of reflective material is inkjet printing of highly reflective material face, strong ink, ink-soluble agent can be as long as the S & P energy inkjet. General advertising grade reflective material does not have the required advertising tensile properties, only with the support of other bodies such as the PC version, by pasting in support used above. Underlying reflective printing cloth is PVC tarpaulin, PVC tarpaulin, he has been having a tensile strength, he can be like an ordinary mesh used in the same folder. Inverse reflection coefficient typical main products are generally ad-class white reflective film reflective material is 50cd / lx / m2, while the typical inverse reflection coefficient reflective printing cloth in 200 cd / lx / m2 or more. I introduced the T7100 series of reflective printing cloth typical inverse reflection coefficient can reach 300 cd / lx / m2. Inverse reflection coefficient of reflective material (ie, usually referred to brightness) determines the size of the visibility of advertising at night, reflective printing more general advertising grade reflective film material has a higher visibility compared to at night.
Fourth, reflective printing materials with reflective material has a unique path to add safety performance characteristics.
Night renderings
Use reflective printing material made advertising, he has like a reflective traffic signs are visible with night function. Use reflective printing material as roadside advertising sections, passing vehicles can clearly see the outline of the road, because if there are passers-by will cover retroreflective light, and show the outline of a man's shadow, so that motorists people travel more easily identified. So he can be given a higher road safety performance.

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